brooke wilder

Brooke grew up in a non-religious environment and was introduced to the church in high school. She believed that she was a Christian, but lived a life centered around herself. Brooke attended Sam Houston State University in 2015 and began seeking satisfaction in the things of the world. In the spring of 2017, God interrupted her life when sorority sisters convinced her to go to Project Galveston. There she encountered the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brooke surrendered her life to Christ and gained a Savior Who gives her full satisfaction and full joy in knowing Him. She has faced several difficult and challenging situations, but she held tight to God’s promises, while seeing His faithfulness to complete a good work in and through her. Brooke finds joy in Christ and sharing the Gospel with women on the college campus. She wants to walk these women through the stages of surrendering their lives to Christ, and celebrate as they become disciples and disciple-makers of Christ.