Campus Outreach Houston

Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World



Regional Director:
Clayton and Jenny Dye

Resource Office:
David and Mallory Breed
Bobby Land
Paige Cryer
Andrea Orr
Phillip Vasquez

University of Houston:
Zach and Brynn Marcum
Tim and Danielle Miles
Victor and Jennifer Gutierrez
Emily Hughes
Bobby Land
Andre and Morgan Lurhuma

Sam Houston State University:
Heath and Melissa Purgahn
Darin and Megan Chancellor
Michael Goodwin
Charlotte Barnes

Houston Baptist University:
Tyler and Ginnie Clark
Andrea Orr

Contingent Staff:
Emmanuel Ubadinobi
Garrett Collenback
Martin Azua
Abby Azua
Taylor Sheppard

Campus Outreach Houston
PO Box 10229
Houston, TX 77206

Office: 832.982.1414